2017 SEW Exhibitors

3D Systems Simbionix
Table #s 22 & 23
5831 South Alkire Circle
Littleton, OH  80127
Tel: 303-273-5344
Web: www.simbionix.com

3D Systems healthcare solutions improve outcomes which benefit both patients and surgeons. Our global team works with customers to navigate technologies and provide support for surgical planning, training, device design, personalized medical technologies and 3D printing. Our products help medical professionals train for, plan and practice complex medical procedures.

ACS Fundamentals of Surgery Curriculum (ACS/FSC)
Table #24
633 N. St. Clair Street
Chicago, IL  60611
Tel: 312-202-5171
Web: www.facs.org/education/programs/fsc

ACS FSC is an online curriculum that addresses the essential content areas surgical residents need to master in the early years of training. In more than 110 simulated case scenarios, residents are asked to recognize and assess symptoms and signs, order appropriate tests, evaluate data, and initiate appropriate actions.

ACS/APDS/ASE – Curricula for Medical Students, Residents and Surgical Educators
Table #25
633 N. St. Clair Street
Chicago, IL  60611
Tel: 312-202-5335
Web: http://www.facs.org/education/program

The American College of Surgeons Division of Education will be exhibiting four curricula created for Medical Students, Residents, and Surgical Educators.

ACS/ASE Medical Student Simulation-Based Surgical Skills Curriculum  https://www.facs.org/education/program/simulation-based

ACS/ASE Medical Student Core Curriculum

ACS/APDS/ASE Resident Prep Curriculum  https://www.facs.org/education/program/resident-prep

ACS/APDS Surgery Resident Skills Curriculum  https://www.facs.org/education/program/resident-skills

American College of Surgeons – Division of Education
Table #26
633 N. St. Clair Street
Chicago, IL  60611
Tel: 312-202-5000
Web: www.facs.org/education

American College of Surgeons – Division of Member Services
Table #27
633 N. St. Clair Street
Chicago, IL  60611
Tel: 312-202-5000
Web: www.facs.org

The American College of Surgeons (ACS) is a scientific and educational association of surgeons founded in 1913. The ACS is dedicated to improving the care of the surgical patient and to safeguarding standards of care in an optimal and ethical practice environment. Membership in the American College of Surgeons (ACS) is an integral part of the surgical profession. Whether you’re still in training, or at the peak of your career, our top priority is providing value for our members every step of the way.

Decker Intellectual Properties
Table #5
P.O. Box 57038
Jackson Square
Hamilton, ON  L8P 4W9
Tel: 855-647-6511
Web: www.SciAmSurgery.com

Scientific American Surgery is the continuously-updated online publication teaching principles and practice. Our GME platform Weekly Curriculum™ offers curriculum tools for faculty, while offering thousands of case-based Board-styled questions in many formats: custom core curriculum; individual remediation; and SABRe Surgery Board Prep! New app lets you read and test anywhere!

Table #30
3470 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 626
Los Angeles, CA  90010
Web: www.giblib.com

GIBLIB is an online platform with the best surgical videos of all specialties and procedures from the top surgeons across the world.  We use cutting edge technology like 360 Virtual Reality to create innovative and impactful procedure videos.  Check it out for free at www.giblib.com.

Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies
Table #7
One Johnson & Johnson Plaza
New Brunswick, NJ  08933
Tel: 732-524-0400
Web: www.jnj.com/healthcare-products/medical-devices

Having made significant contributions to surgery for more than a century, the Johnson & Johnson Medical Devices Companies are in the business of reaching more patients and restoring more lives. The group represents the most comprehensive surgical technology and specialty solutions business in the world, offering an unparalleled breadth of products, services, programs and research and development capabilities directed at advancing patient care while delivering clinical and economic value to health care systems worldwide.
Journal of Graduate Medical Education (JGME)
Table #13
401 N. Michigan Avenue, Suite 2000
Chicago, IL  60611
Tel: 312-755-7485
Web: www.jgme.org

The Journal of Graduate Medical Education disseminates graduate medical education scholarship. It is peer-reviewed, editorially independent, and published by the Accreditation Council for Graduate Medical Education.

Journal of Surgical Education (JSE)
Table #18
6400 Goldsboro Road, Suite 200
Bethesda, MD  20817
Web: www.journals.elsevier.com

The Journal of Surgical Education (JSE) is dedicated to advancing the field of surgical education through original research.  The journal publishes research articles in all surgical disciplines on topics relative to the education of surgical students, residents and fellows as well as practicing surgeons.

Keck School of Medicine of USC – Master of Academic Medicine Program
Table #11
1975 Zonal Avenue, KAM 211
Los Angeles, CA  90033
Tel: 323-442-2372
Web: http://keck.usc.edu/academic-medicine-program/

Limbs & Things
Table #9
P.O. Box 15669
Savannah, GA  31416
Tel: 912-629-0357
Web: www.limbsandthings.com

Limbs & Things is a leading developer and manufacturer of medical simulation training products for Clinical Skills, Women’s Health and the Surgical specialties. Recognized globally for our superior and comprehensive product offering, our trainers provide a realistic hands-on learning experience for academic and clinical professionals.
McGraw-Hill Education
Table #29
2 Penn Plaza, 9th Floor
New York, NY  10121
Tel: 877-840-2297
Web: www.mhprofessional.com

AccessSurgery from McGraw-Hill Medical introduces a whole new dimension to surgical education and clinical practice – all in one place.  Guided by a preeminent Advisory Board that includes two top academic experts, Gerard M. Doherty, MD and F. Charles Brunicardi, MD, AccessSurgery is the field’s most trusted surgery resource.

Table #17
Schiedamsedyk 77
Rotterdam, Zuid 3011 EM
Web: www.medical-x.com

MEDICAL-X is a Dutch company based in Rotterdam, the Netherlands, specialized in the design, development, manufacturing, marketing and distribution of simulation products for medical teaching and training.

MEDICAL-X is an innovative scientific company providing simulated training solutions in various medical fields. Training exercises of MEDICAL-X simulators are developed with cutting edge technology together with the professional input of expert physicians. The simulators fulfill the demand of healthcare professionals to be able to train clinical skills cost-effectively as well as time-effectively, in medical schools, universities, hospitals and skills centers outside the operating room and without human patients.

MEDICAL-X’s simulation products stand out not only because of innovative design, supreme quality and impressive customer service, but also regarding their commitment to make simulation based training more accessible and affordable to healthcare professionals. This way, MEDICAL-X helps to minimize the number of mistakes made in medical procedures and increase the chance of patient survival all over the world.

MyEvaluations.com Inc.
Table #1
326 E. 65th Street, Suite 234
New York, NY  10065
Tel: 646-422-0554
Web: www.MyEvaluations.com

Leading provider of Medical Education Management software which will transform your department’s information into strategic opportunity.  Evaluations, Milestones, Portfolios and OnCall/Amion Integration will bring everything together for you.  Use Learning Assignment Modules and MyQuiz to test trainee performance.  ACGME case log importing for centralized data management.  MyEvaluations.com is affordable, starting at $99 per month.  MyEvaluations.com has been voted the best web-based residency management service.

NYU WISE Programs
Table #10
655 Third Avenue, 7th Floor
New York, NY  10017
Tel: 646-854-8033
Web: www.wisemed.org

The products being showcased are:

WISE-MD, used in over 120 surgical clerkships (15,000 students/year), provides peer-reviewed multi-media content addressing common surgical conditions as well as references and review questions.

WISE-OnCall, designed to aid students’ transition to residency,  focuses on clinical reasoning, professional and communication skills for diagnosing and managing  common patient presentations.

SAGES, Fundamentals Department
Table #s 20 & 21
11300 W. Olympic Blvd., Suite 600
Los Angeles, CA  90064
Tel: 310-437-0544
Web: www.flsprogram.org, www.fesprogram.org, www.fuseprogram.org

The specific aim of all our fundamental programs is that the knowledge and skills gained by those who master the curriculum will improve the quality and safety of surgical care delivered to their patients.

Fundamentals of Laparoscopic Surgery™

Fundamentals of Endoscopic Surgery™

Fundamental Use of Surgical EnergyTM

SCORE – Surgical Council on Resident Education
Table #8
1617 John F. Kennedy Blvd., Suite 860
Philadelphia, PA  19103
Tel: 877-825-9106
Web: www.surgicalcore.org

SCORE is an innovative, non-profit initiative to provide a unified curriculum for general surgery training.  The SCORE Portal offers high-quality text and video resources, learning objectives, discussion and quiz questions, and a topic-of-the-week program with weekly quizzes.  The site’s content is aligned with the SCORE Curriculum Outline for General Surgery.

SensOR Medical Laboratories, Ltd.
Table #4
555 University Avenue
Toronto, ON  M5M 1Y7
Tel: 519-384-8022
Web: http://www.sensormedicallabs.com/

SensOR’s Force-Sensing Film is improving surgical safety and training for Minimally Invasive Surgery (MIS).  The force-sensing technology can be applied to any rigid MIS instrument providing surgeons with a digital “sense of touch” through real-time force-feedback.  This device helps accelerate surgical training and improve force application accuracy.

SonoSim, Inc.
Table #2
1738 Berkeley Street
Santa Monica, CA  90404
Tel: 855-873-7666
Web: www.sonosim.com

SonoSim, Inc., is dedicated to improving and transforming medical care by serving as a global leader in ultrasound education and training.

With its staff of leading ultrasound educators, instructional designers, content editors, scientists, and software developers, SonoSim has created the easiest way to learn ultrasonography: The SonoSim® Ultrasound Training Solution.

SurgiReal Products, Inc.
Table #28
1401 Duff Drive, Suite 700
Fort Collins, CO  80524
Tel: 970-818-7060
Web: www.surgireal.com

Empowering and supporting surgical educators to deliver better education & better outcomes through advanced educational simulation technology. SurgiReal’s simulated tissue solutions offer the most realistic and cost effective learning platforms available for:

  • Surgical & Suture Training
  • Dermal Pathology Biopsy Training
  • Incision & Drainage Training
  • Hollow Organ Surgical & Suture Training

Table #6
2 Penn Center West
Pittsburgh, PA 15276
Tel: 866-475-4777
Web: www.truelearn.com/general-surgery

TrueLearn empowers residents and academic institutions to perform at the absolute highest level on the ABSITE and ABS Qualifying Exam. Over 5,600 residents prepared for the 2017 ABSITE using TrueLearn. Residents who completed at least 400 questions averaged a score improvement of 4.2% – equivalent to an 18-percentile improvement.

Wolters Kluwer
Table #3
2001 Market Street
Philadelphia, PA 19103
Tel: 215-521-8300
Web: www.wolterskluwer.com

Visit the Wolters Kluwer booth at Surgical Education Week 2017 and learn more about our leading tools for surgical resident and clerkship education, such as the LWW Health Library, 3D anatomy tools, Annals of Surgery, and core surgical training texts in general surgery and subspecialties.