Joining ASE Committees

ASE Committees welcome medical student, resident, and fellow participation and membership. Your ideas and contributions are invaluable to advancing the mission of the ASE through the work of our committees.

The best way to get involved is by identifying a committee with a content area that you are interested in.

ASE Standing Committees

Each committee meets during the ASE Annual Meeting in April. You are welcomed and encouraged to attend these meetings. We recommend contacting the committee chairperson in advance to express your interest; contact information can be found via the link above. The chairperson can also provide a list of projects and initiatives in which you may choose to participate. When attending a committee meeting, your input is appreciated and valued!

List of ASE Committee Meeting Times and Dates at SEW 2018 (coming soon)

Some committees also meet during the American College of Surgeons Clinical Congress held annually in October. Attendance is appreciated but not required.

List of ASE Committee Meeting Times and Dates at ACS 2017 (coming soon)

Once you have identified a committee that you would like to join, please note that membership on the Educational Research, Faculty Development, Information Technology, Curriculum, Assessment and Evaluation, Nurses, Coordinators, Clerkship Directors, Simulation, Graduate Surgical Education, Multi-institutional Education Research Group, Citizenship and Social Responsibility committees is open to any member in good standing.

We recommend sharing your contact information with the committee chairperson so that you can be added to the email list. Email is the primary mode of communication between in-person meetings and facilitates project development for members who are in diverse geographic locations. Trainees who have joined ASE committees have found it rewarding, and appreciate the opportunities for collaboration and networking. Committee work also frequently leads to participation in workshops and research that subsequently leads to scholarship.