Getting Started in Surgical Education Research

Welcome to Surgical Education Research, we are glad you are here. Here are some resources to get you started in this important field.


Guide for Researchers in Surgical Education This guide is designed to meet the needs of those who work among surgeons and surgical trainees, who embrace the scientific method in their quest to improve the educational process. In addition to content on research design, execution, and analysis, the book also includes information on various types of research design, and use of simulation in surgical education research. There is also a chapter on one of the most important topics involving educational research – funding. Jeannette Capella, MD, MEd, Steven J. Kasten, MD, Susan Steinemann, MD, Laura Torbeck, PhD, 238 pp., Cine 2010. $35.00

This can be ordered directly through Cine-Med at 800-253-7657 or at

Success in Academic onhealthy phentermine Surgery: Developing a Career in Surgical Education

This is a handy, portable text which offers practical guidance on developing a career within surgical education, written by expert authors from around the world who are members of the Association for Academic Surgery Pugh, Carla M, Sippel, Rebecca S. (Eds) 152 pp., Springer 2013 $49.99

This book can be ordered directly at

Certificate Educational Opportunities:

1) Surgical Education Research Fellowship
One of the Foundation’s most popular and recognized initiatives for this purpose is the Surgical Education Research Fellowship program (SERF), a one year, home-site fellowship designed to equip investigators with the skills and knowledge needed to plan, implement and report research studies in the field of surgical education.

2) Surgeons as Educators
This six-day intensive course, sponsored by the American College of Surgeons is designed to provide surgeons with the knowledge and skills to enhance their abilities as teachers and administrators of surgical education programs.

3) Education Scholar Programs
These are programs put on at the local level by many Universities to provide content in teaching and learning as well as scholarship in education.  Look for these at your local institution.


Funding for Education Projects

Follow this link to funding sources that have funded medical educational research education projects in the past.

Master’s Degrees in Education Research

ASE Members, follow this link to a list of programs that have Masters Degree Programs