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PowerPoint Teaching Modules

On behalf of the PowerPoint Teaching Module authors and contributors, we invite you to explore the contents of this exciting web-based teaching tool. Each module is created to be utilized as a case-based presentation ideally suited for small group interactive learning. The modules are formatted to a standard template that begins with a presenting symptom or problem, and focuses on acquisition of history and physical exam elements, development of differential diagnoses, and clinical decision making for common conditions encountered on surgical rotations. Depth of content coverage is variable and often accompanied by alternative scenarios with many opportunities for faculty discussion. 

These modules were not created to be stand alone self-study tools without faculty interaction. We hope you will utilize them to augment and standardize clinical exposures and help develop additional modules that can be added to the bank of available cases. We ask that you respect the authors’ contributions and do not utilize any portion of these modules or reproduce these modules for any copyright intended activities.

Each module is indexed to a topic area as originally developed in the Manual of Surgical Objectives onhealthy soma with the addition of specific content categories if relevant. Completed topics are represented by their hyperlink or underline; future or pending modules are not linked to the page, and therefore are not underlined.

We hope you will be generous with your feedback and we welcome comments or suggestions at info@surgicaleducation.com. In the fine tradition of ASE creativity and collaboration we offer you the POWERPOINT TEACHING MODULES. To visit, members simply log-in and then visit this page for the modules.

Linda M. Barney


The ASE PowerPoint Teaching Modules were developed specifically as templates to assist surgical teachers in instructional conversation with students. A broad template form was developed to allow each teacher to customize the content for appropriate use at his or her own teaching site. As changes made by any individual instructor cannot be monitored, individual teachers are responsible for the medical knowledge content contained within the final presentation and discussion that results from the use of these templates. Because the knowledge component of the templates will not be regularly updated, it may be inappropriate to use these materials as stand-alone teaching tools without appropriate instructional supervision.