2015 Papers of Distinction

The ASE Program Committee is pleased to announce that the following papers from the 2015 Annual Meeting were chosen as Papers of Distinction:

Adaptive versus Volume-based Training in Simulation: a randomized controlled trial
Yinin Hu, MD; Kendall D. Brooks; Helen Kim; Adela Mahmutovic; Joanna Choi; Ivy A. Le; Sara K.Rasmussen, MD, PhD, University of Virginia School of Medicine, Charlottesville, Virginia

The Impact of Goal Setting and Goal Orientation on Performance onhealthy lexapro during a Clerkship Surgical Skills Training Program
Aimee K. Gardner, PhD, Diana Diesen, MD, Deborah Hogg, BS, Sergio Huerta, MD, UT Southwestern Medical Center, Dallas TX

Development, Implementation, and Outcomes of an Evidence-based Surgery Clerkship Clinical Skills Exam
Jesse Moore, MD, University of VT College of Medicine; Cate Nicholas, MS PA EdD, University of VT College of Medicine, Burlington, VT

Congratulations to Drs. Hu, Gardner, Moore and their collaborators!!!