Award for Excellence in Innovation in Surgical Education

The Excellence in Innovation in Surgical Education Award is an award established by the Association for Surgical Education to recognize exemplary performance by surgical educators.  This award is designed to advance the mission of the Association for Surgical Education to promote excellence, innovation and scholarship in surgical education and will be awarded annually.  The intent is to recognize specific innovations (novel ideas and/or methods for improving teaching and learning) and reward collaboration in surgical education.  Award applications will be judged based on the quality and uniqueness of the innovation, the process used in creating and implementing the innovation, the demonstrated results, and the impact and potential impact on the broader community and future of surgical education.  The award criteria are intentionally general so as to allow applicants to submit a broad variety of collaborations which may include innovative projects or programs at the undergraduate, graduate or continuing education level.


■ At least one member of the innovation team must be a member of Association for Surgical Education

Nomination Process

■ Nominations will be made by a member of the Association for Surgical Education and signed by the nominee’s Department Chair
■ Members are limited to submitting a single nomination per year
■ Innovations should have taken place within the last five years. Alternatively, if an innovation was implemented prior to the past five years, then it should have demonstrated ongoing impact on the current field of surgical education.

Required Documents

  • A summary statement describing the innovation, the problem it addressed and a description of the collaborative process is required.

When applying, applicants should provide the following information (Please limit your entry to 2000 words maximum):

  1. The innovation team:
    • At least one member of the innovation team must be a member of the ASE.
    • Please provide a corresponding applicant
    • Provide a list of involved collaborators and their role in the innovation
  2. A description of the problem addressed by the innovation:
    • What problem does the innovation address?
    • What audience was impacted by the innovation?
    • Describe the desired goals of the innovation.
  3. A description of the collaborative process used in designing and implementing the innovation
    • What process was used to design the innovation?
    • Please describe the innovation
    • How was the innovation implemented?
  4. The results of the innovation
    • Please describe outcomes measured and results.
    • What impact has the innovation had?
    • Is the innovation reproducible /sustainable/ generalizable to a broader audience?
  5. How have the results of the innovation been disseminated?
    • Please list presentations, publications of this work
    • Has this innovation been implemented elsewhere?
  6. How has this innovation impacted surgical education?
    • What have you learned in the process that will affect future application of this innovation?

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