ASE/APDS: Collaborative Grant Initiative

The Association of Program Directors in Surgery (APDS) and Association for Surgical Education (ASE) are pleased to announce the continuation of a collaborative program intended to increase innovative educational research and developmental activities between the organizations.  Proposals will be solicited annually and reviewed by a committee appointed/designated by the presidents of each society, to include the respective society liaisons.  A single proposal felt to be of the highest merit will be chosen and announced as the winning proposal during Surgical Education Week on the combined day of the program.  The winning proposal must accomplish the following goals of the initiative:

  1. The proposal must involve members of both societies in the project team.
  2. The proposal must lead to a product to be presented the following year at SEW.
  3. The proposal should involve novel research or program development that is clearly of merit to the surgical education community.

The winning proposal’s primary investigator or team leader will be awarded $5,000 from the societies to be used for the purposes of accomplishing the project in the outlined one year time frame.  There are no specific limitations on how these resources are to be utilized, but the plan for their use should be outlined in the proposal.  The proposal should outline in not more than five (5) pages the background, project design, budget, timeline, qualifications and experience of the project team, and rationale for the merit of the project to the surgical and medical education community.  This award is not intended to support projects already underway or supported from other sources, and is intended to foster original, collaborative, and innovative concepts of interest to both societies.  Indirect costs (i.e. university overhead) are not provided or included.

Proposals must be submitted by April 1, 2018 and the winning proposal will be announced at 2018 SEW in Austin, TX on the ASE/APDS combined day of the program.

Click here to apply.

Please contact Mohsen Shabahang, MD at or ASE Administrative Coordinator, Catherine Sutherland, at with any questions.