Clerkship Coordinator Recognition Award

The ASE Clerkship Coordinator Recognition Award will be given annually to one undergraduate surgical education clerkship coordinator who best exemplifies excellence in the support and management of the Surgery Clerkship Program at their institution.  Nominees for this award must demonstrate the following qualities:

  • Creativity, expertise, and commitment to their work within the Surgery Clerkship Program
  • Passion for supporting medical student education and for contributing to the continuous improvement of the educational experience for medical students in surgery
  • Enthusiastic attitude towards medical students and the Surgery Clerkship Program
  • Leadership inside and outside their institution, including professional organizations related to medical student education
  • Commitment to the education of peers through presentations or other active roles within their institution and the Association for Surgical Education (ASE)
  • Role modeling of professional behavior
  • Effective Communicator and Collaborator
  • Approachability



  • The nominee must be an active member of the ASE for more than 1 year
  • The nominee must be in the role of clerkship coordinator for more than 3 years
  • The nominee must demonstrate improved processes and or communication between medical school and department of surgery
  • The nominee must have presented material related to job description at local/national meeting
  • Winners of the ASE Coordinator Recognition Award may only win this prize once in a life time


Nomination Process

Nominations will be made by the Clerkship Director or equivalent (Chair of the Department, Director of Surgical Education, Director of Undergraduate Surgical Education, etc.) Two additional supporting letters must accompany the nomination. One letter must be from a medical student. The second letter of support can be from another medical student or an administrative staff person/peer.

The nomination package should include the following:

  • A nomination letter from the Clerkship Director or equivalent
  • Two additional supporting letters. The letters must include examples of how the nominee has demonstrated the qualities listed above, as well as the impact that the nominee has made outside of their Department/Institution
  • A copy of the nominee’s CV


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