Committee on Coordinators of Surgical Education

Mission Statement:

Welcome! The Surgical Education Coordinators Committee is an organization whose mission is to develop resources to support, educate, and inspire student coordinators in surgery. This committee addresses the educational needs of medical students in surgery and is focused on developing effective plans and goals to make the clerkship successful. The Committee provides helpful information and guidance to coordinators and enables them to get involved in group discussions on issues surrounding medical student education. The Committee meets during the Annual Meeting and conducts business via e-mail and conference calls throughout the year.

Get Involved:

We encourage you to become a member of the Association for Surgical Education (ASE) and join our committee. The ASE is the premier association with a focus specifically on surgical education. The ASE Coordinators Committee meets each year during Surgical Education week where we conduct our annual meeting and career development program. We conduct business throughout the year via conference calls and e-mail listserve.

Some benefits of being an ASE member:

  • Receive a discount on registration to the annual meeting
  • Participate in the Clerkship Coordinators Committee meeting and Career Development
  • Collaborate with and learn from colleagues
  • Learn about the most recent innovations in surgical education
  • Explore opportunities and become involved in other ASE committees

ASE Academic Program Administrator Certification in Surgery (APACS)

We are excited to present to you the new ASE Academic Program Administrator Certification in Surgery (APACS). As you know, Undergraduate Academic Program Administrators must work extensively with both the Surgery Clerkship Directors and undergraduate medical students. This collaboration directly impacts not only the efficiency of day-to-day onhealthy prednisone operations of the undergraduate surgical education programs, but also the student experience while on the surgical clerkship.
Program Goals:
  • Promote excellence in the field of undergraduate surgical education administration.
  • Support the expansion of the specific knowledge base and expertise of the coordinator.
  • Provide a widely recognized certification program that is attainable and encourages continual participation and professional growth.
  • Encourage attendance at the annual Association for Surgical Education meetings.
  • Increase opportunities for presentations by undergraduate Academic Program Administrators.
Program Objectives:
  • Acknowledge and recognize the expertise of undergraduate Academic Program Administrators through a robust, simple certification process attainable with travel to national conferences.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to undergraduate Academic Program Administrator development by encouraging committee and sub-committee involvement, ASE national meetings attendance, and conducting departmental, institutional, or ASE national presentations.
  • Promote excellence in the field of undergraduate surgical education administration by encouraging an understanding of professional development through the creation and maintenance of a portfolio of accomplishments.
  • Encourage Academic Program Administrators to seek out knowledge and understanding of the fundamentals of public speaking in order to skillfully contribute during the ASE Coordinator Track Program.
  • Motivate coordinators to adopt a practice of continual growth and encourage participation on committees or in activities at the candidate’s home institution.

ASE Clerkship Coordinators Committee Roster

Chair: Lureye Myers, Penn State College of Medicine

Vice-Chair:  Cate Spencer-Motyko

Clerkship Coordinator Orientation

Be sure to visit the ASE Educational Clearinghouse to download item

#04.021 A Guidebook for Coordinating a Surgical Clerkship.

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