Distinguished Master Educator Award

The Distinguished Master Educator Award will be given annually to advanced career clinicians and/or MS/PhD educators who have demonstrated excellence as master educators recognized on the national and/or international level. In addition to recognized skills as an excellent teacher, nominees for this award will need an education portfolio with clear documentation of consistent educational scholarship and significant contributions to surgical education that are recognized to have national and/or international impact.

Required application materials:

The following documentation of educational mastery and scholarship must be provided:

  1. Statement of Educational Philosophy (2-3 pages written by applicant)
  2. Educational Portfolio that include documentation of the following:
    1. Attended educational development programs e.g. attending workshops, certification/degree programs
    2. Educational productivity including: teaching activities; creation of or participation in educational curricula and/ or assessment schemes of learners
    3. Educational research and scholarship
    4. Education-related leadership positions within own institution
    5. Documented leadership positions in national and / or international education-related organization
    6. Educational awards and honors
    7. Mentoring and advising
  3. Letter of nomination by Chair or Dean of nominee’s local institution
  4. Letter(s) of support from individuals mentored by the nominees
  5. Letter(s) of support from leaders in education-related national and/or international organizations to demonstrate how these individuals had an impact on local, national and / or international surgical education.


■ Must be a member of the Association for Surgical Education
■ Teacher/Educator of medical students, residents or faculty

Please note winners of  the Outstanding Teacher Award are ineligible for nomination for 3 years after receipt of award

Click HERE to apply for the ASE Distinguished Educator Application