Opportunities for Research and Scholarship

The ASE welcomes and encourages medical students, residents, and fellows to actively participate in research in all areas of surgical education. One of our goals is to promote and disseminate innovation and scholarship in the field of surgical education, and that starts with you!

Each fall, the ASE Program Committee extends the invitation for abstract submissions for the Annual Meeting in April. Abstracts may be accepted for oral presentation, which may be at paper presentation sessions or concurrent oral sessions. Abstracts may also be accepted for poster presentation. Original work in all areas of surgical education research will be considered, and presentation by trainees is encouraged.

ASE Call For Abstracts

The American Journal of Surgery (AJS) is the official journal of the Association for Surgical Education.  Papers selected from the annual ASE meeting are invited for publication. In addition, AJS invites submissions of independent clinical studies, editorials, reviews, brief reports, correspondence and book reviews on a variety of topics relevant to trainees and practicing surgeons.

The American Journal of Surgery author information and online submission system

The Journal of Surgical Education (JSE) is dedicated to advancing the field of surgical education through original research. The journal publishes research articles in all surgical disciplines on topics relative to the education of surgical students, residents, and fellows, as well as practicing surgeons. As the official journal of the Association of Program Directors in Surgery (APDS), JSE publishes the proceedings of the annual APDS meeting held during Surgery Education Week.

The Journal of Surgical Education homepage and guide for authors

For innovative ideas that are educationally sound but may not yet have undergone rigorous analysis, Surgical Education Week sponsors a forum for brief presentation at the “Thinking Outside of the Box” Luncheon. Medical students, residents, and fellows are frequent presenters to share creative ideas that may be works in progress or strategies that have worked in their home institutions. The ASE Curriculum Committee invites submissions each fall via a link on the ASE website and an email to all members.

ASE “Thinking Outside of the Box” Call for Abstracts (Coming soon)

Other opportunities for involvement in research and scholarship include workshops during Surgical Education Week. This is a great way to get started regardless of your level of experience. Many ASE Committees that sponsor workshops actively seek help facilitating group sessions and leading discussions. Ideas generated during workshops can lead to collaborations for formal research projects, and being a part of the presentation team builds leadership skills.

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