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:: Grants Awarded

Title of Proposal Institution Prinicpal Investigator
Are Advanced Laparoscopic Skills for Senior Residents Learned in a Short Training Course and Transferred to Operations? University of Toronto Helen MacRae, M.D.
Cognitive Task Analysis for Teaching Technical Skills in an Inanimate Surgical Skills Laborataory University of Southern California George Velmahos, M.D.
How Accurate is Self-Assessment of Technical Skill, and does Self-Assessment Improve by Evaluating Peers’ Performance? University of Toronto Helen MacRae, M.D.
Developing Research-based Video Cases to Teach Novices to Recognize, Interpret and Resolve Tension in OR Team Communication: A Multidisciplinary Education Initiative University of Toronto Lorelei Lingard, Ph.D.
Human Performance Capacity Profiles and Their Relationship to Laparoscopic Surgical Performance: Evaluation of Medical Students, Surgical Residents and Staff Physicians University of Texas-SW Jeffrey Cadeddu, M.D.
Development and Evaluation of a Model for Teaching Surgical Skills and Judgment Northwestern University Debra DaRosa, Ph.D.
Cortical Mapping of Surgical Residents on Tasks of Surgical Skill and Mental Rotations University of Toronto Kyle Wanzel, M.D.
A Study of Information Transfer and Communication Practices Among Surgeons When Transferring Responsibility for Patient Care Southern Illinois University Reed Williams, Ph.D.
Recognizing the Affective Component within Surgical Learning: a Safety-Centered Intervention Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine Roger Kneebone, Ph.D.
Use of Cognitive Task Analysis Based on Multimedia Curriculum USC Keck School of Medicine Tiffany Grunwald, M.D.
Is the Script-Concordance Test a Valid Instrument for Assessment of Intraoperative Decision Making Skills? McGill University Sarkas Meterissian, M.D.
Computer-Aided Laparoscopic Simulators for Training Surgical Residents University of Michigan Rebecca Minter, M.D.
The Formal and Informal Curriculum in Surgical Residency Bioethics Education University of Toronto Alex Levin, M.D.
Determining the Utility of the mini-Clinical onhealthy zovirax Evaluation Exercise as a Competency Tool of Surgical Residents University of British Columbia Ravi Sidhu, M.D.
Applying Automaticity Theory to Simulator Training to Enhance Operative Performance Carolinas Medical Center Dimitrios Stefanidis, MD, PhD
Evaluating the Reliability and Validity of the Family Conference OSCE across Multiple Training Sites University of Minnesota Jeffrey Chipman, MD
An Investigation of Intra-operative Conflict Management of Surgeons Southern Illinois University School of Medicine David Rogers, MD, MHPE
The Use of a Virtual Character-Enhanced Simulator to Teach and Assess Breast History and Examination Skills Medical College of Georgia D. Scott Lind, MD
Stress Management Training for Surgeons: Developing a Simulation-based Intervention Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine Nick Sevdalis, MD
Validation of Real-time, Intra-operative, Surgical Competence (RISC) Assessments Linked to Patient Outcomes University of Toronto Ethan Grober, MD, MEd
Stress Training for the Surgical Resident Temple University Amy Goldberg, MD
Cerebral Blood Flow Velocity as an Index of Surgeon Fatigue Texas Tech University Martina Klein, PhD
The Missing Piece in Multidisciplinary Team Training Wake Forest, Miami University Jessica Sparks, PhD
The Reliability of Remote FLS Certification Using Web-based Technology University of Toronto Allen Okrainec, MD
Investigation of the Pracitcal Influence of the Performance Metrics from da Vinci Skills Simulator on the Skill Learning and Associated Cognitive Workloads Johns Hopkins University Gyusung Lee, PhD
Pulled from the Passenger Seat: Stimulating Active Resident Engagement in the Operating Room University of Toronto Carol-anne Moulton, MD, PhD
Surgical Coaching – Using Tele-mentoring to Provide Error Debriefing Behavioral Modeling and Error Recognition to Enhance Surgical Skills University of Toronto Teodor Grantcharov, MD, PhD
Evaluating the Feasibility and Effeciveness of Telementoring for Teaching Laparoscopic Skills Across Continents Duke University Ranjan Sudan, MD