Leadership and Committee Information

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ASE Board of Directors

Amalia Cochran, MD, MA
University of Utah
Susan Steinemann, MD
University of Hawaii
Vice President
Ranjan Sudan, MD
Duke University
Daniel Scott, MD
UT Southwestern Medical Center
Adnan Alseidi, MD
Virginia Mason Medical Center
ASE Recorder
Dimitrios Stefanidis, MD, PhD, FACS, FASMBS
Indiana University
Foundation President
Armour Forse, MD
Creighton University
Past President
Christoper Brandt, MD
Case Western University
Past President
Mary Klingensmith, MD
Washington University
Past President
Daniel Jones, MD
Harvard Medical School
Past President
Mary Ann Hopkins, MD
New York University
SERF Program Director
Maura Sullivan, PhD, MSN
University of Southern California
Ajit Sachdeva, MD
American College of Surgeons
Executive Director
Stacy Kent

ASE Committee Chairs

Chair, Committee on Curriculum
Michael Hulme, PhD
Wake Forest School of Medicine
Chair, Committee on Development
Marc DeMoya, MD
Medical College of Wisconsin
Chair, Committee on Education Technology
Jaisa Olasky, MD
Harvard Medical School
Chair, Committee on Educational Research
Michael Kim, MD
University of Toronto
Chair, Committee on Faculty Development
James C. Rucinski, MD
Brooklyn Methodist Hospital
Chair, Committee on Membership
Kenneth Gow, MD
Seattle Children’s Hospital
Chair, Committee on Program
Adnan Alseidi, MD
Virginia Mason Medical Center
Chair, Committee on Assessment and Evaluation
Emil Petrusa, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital 
Chair, Committee on Clerkship Directors
Alan Ladd, MD
Indiana University Medical Center
Chair, Committee on Coordinators of Surgical Education
Cate Unruh, BA, MEd
University of Iowa
Chair, Citizenship & Social Responsibility
Mayur Narayan, MD, MPH, MBA
University of Maryland 
Chair, Committee on Awards
Robert Acton, MD
University of Minnesota
Chair, Committee on Nurses in Surgical Education
Ruth Braga, MSN, RN
University of Utah
Chair, Committee on Simulation
Aimee Gardner, PhD
Baylor College of Medicine
Chair, Committee on Multi-institutional Education
Research Group
Roy Phitayakorn, MD
Massachusetts General Hospital
Chair, Committee on Graduate Surgical Education
Moshen Shabahang, MD
Geisinger Health