Linnea Hauge, PhD Promising Educational Scholar Award

The Linnea Hauge, PhD Promising Educational Scholar Award will be awarded annually to individuals who are either a senior resident/fellow, provided they completed at least three clinical years in a surgical residency, or early career clinicians of MS/PhD educators within five years of practice. These individuals should be nominated by their chair, dean, or program director for demonstrating promise as a future leader and scholar in surgical education. Nominees for this award must demonstrate the following:

  • Teaching effectiveness and excellence
  • Active involvement in program or curriculum development/ or evaluation projects
  • Scholarly productivity as an educational researcher
  • Institutional leadership roles as related to surgical education
  • Active participation in professional societies focused on education
  • Role modeling of professional characteristics


Required Documents

The following documentation of teaching excellence and scholarship must be provided:

  1. Curriculum vitae
  2. Examples of scholarly work—manuscripts, evaluation tools, syllabi, etc.
  3. Educational Portfolio that include documentation of the following: (1) Personal statement of educational philosophy (2) Attending educational development programs e.g. attending workshops, certification/degree programs (3) Educational productivity including: teaching activities; creation of / or participation in educational curricula and/ or assessment schemes of learners (4) Educational research and scholarship (5) Education-related leadership positions within own institution (6) Educational awards and honors (7) Mentoring and advising
  4. Letters of nomination by chair, dean, or program director.
  5. Teaching evaluation reports.


Nomination Process

Nominations will be made by a member of the ASE with the support of the Department Chair, Program Director, or Clerkship Director.  The nomination letter should provide specific examples of how the resident has displayed the qualities recognized by the award.

Please note: Residents may be nominated for Outstanding Resident Teacher Award OR the Linnea Hauge, PhD Promising Educational Scholar Award. A resident may not be nominated for both awards in the same year. Nominees for the Promising Educational Scholar should have considerably more national prominence as an educator, including scholarship and publications.  If the teaching portfolio is not included, the nomination will not be accepted. 

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