Surgical Education Podcasts

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“Welcome to the ASE podcast, a product of the Committee on Education Technology!  We hope you enjoy these engaging conversations with national thought leaders in education.  We welcome your suggestions on future topics.  Spread the word!” -- Kevin Y. Pei, Yale School of Medicine



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Career Development Planning

Welcome to another ASE podcast! We’ve been on a hiatus but we’re back! There is increasing focus on faculty development and recognition that success career growth depends upon a comprehensive development plan. Guest: Dr. Pamela Rowland, Associate Dean of Faculty Development at University of Tennessee at Knoxville and Dr. Kevin Pei discuss the holistic approach […]

FIRST Trial Podcast with Karl Bilimoria, MD

Guest: Karl Bilimoria, MD, Northwestern University Dr. Bilimoria from Northwestern University discusses the FIRST trial and flexible duty hours.  The study findings has been endorsed by many societies and governing bodies.  Dr. Bilimoria shares his vision of changes in the training paradigm.     Moderator: Kevin Pei, Yale School of Medicine Download for posterity: FIRST […]

Pathway and Pitfalls of a Successful Career in Surgical Education

Guest: Amalia Cochran, MD Dr. Cochran discusses the pathway to a successful career in surgical education.  As an accomplished educator and surgical leader, Dr. Cochran shares insights about pitfalls, barriers to success, and inspires us to champion professionalism in our daily practice.  As the incoming president of the society, Dr. Cochran outlines her vision of inclusivity […]