Presentations 2013


The contents of the following PowerPoint presentations are the sole property of the authors listed.

The following are a selection of papers from the Association for Surgical Education (ASE) that were presented at the 2013 Surgical Education Week, joint meeting of the ASE and the Association of Program Directors in Surgery.

We hope that those who were unable to attend the meeting find them beneficial and informative.

altPerceptions and observations of coaching
A.P.B. Alken, E.C.T.H. Tan, J-M. Luursema, C.R.M.G. Fluit, H. van Goor

altCutting Too Deep? Assessing the Impact of a Shorter Surgery Clerkship on Students’ Clinical Skills and Knowledge
Navin D. Bhatia, Colleen C. Gillespie, Alexandra J. Berger, Mark S. Hochberg, Jennifer B. Ogilvie

altIncorporating Humanities into the Surgical Curriculum
Karen J. Brasel MD, Amy J. Leisten BA, Robert Treat PhD, Brian Lewis MD, Cynthianne Morgenweck MD, Bruce Campbell MD, Nancy Havas MD, Julia Uihlein MA, Arthur R. Derse MD, JD

altEstablishing Content Validity of a Novel Written Examination to Assess Medical Students on the Surgery Clerkship
A Berlin MD, A Reinert BA, A Swan-Sein MEd PhD, R Nowygrod MD, A Fingeret MD

altResident Self-Assessment of Laparoscopic Surgical Skills after Video Review
Gabriel Herrera-Almario, MD Katherine Kirk, BA, Julio Clavijo-Alvarez, MD, Giselle G. Hamad, MD, FACS

altCost and Logistics of Implementing a Tissue-based Surgical Skills Curriculum for General Surgery Residents of all Clinical Years
Brandon V Henry MD, MPH, Philip Clark MBA, Ranjan Sudan MD

altEvaluating the Briefing, Intraoperative Teaching, Debriefing (BID) method for surgical skills teaching: a pilot study
Daniel Hoppe MD MEd, Oleg Safir MD FRCS(C) MEd, Adam Dubrowski PhD

altAssessment of Team Skills in the Operating Room: Development and Evaluation of a ‘Train-the-Trainers’ Program
Dr. Louise Hull

altValidation of Open Inguinal Hernia Repair Simulation Model A Randomised Controlled Educational Trial
Khatib M, Hald N, Brenton H, Sarker S, Standfield N, Ziprin P, Kneebone R, Bello F

altCan a Brief On-line Education Tool Improve Surgical Resident Operative Dictations? A Prospective Evaluation
Alicia Kieninger, MD, Yi Wei Zhang, MD, Anna Dowdle, Amy Braddock, MD, Diego Hernandez, MD, Amy Kirby, MD, Robert Robinson, MD

altDo More With Less: A Surgery Directed Institutional Model for Resident onhealthy levitra Central Line Training
David Leshikar, M.D., Jonathan Pierce, M.D., Edgardo Salcedo, M.D., Gurpreet Bola, B.S., Joseph Galante, M.D.

altFaculty and Resident Evaluations of Medical Students on a Surgery Clerkship Correlate Poorly with Standardized Exam Scores
Seth D. Goldstein, MD, Brenessa Lindeman, MD, Jorie Colbert-Getz, PhD, Trisha Arbella1, Robert Dudas, MD, Anne Lidor, MD, MPH, Bethany Sacks, MD, MEd

altInductive vs. Deductive Learning on a General Surgery Clerkship
B. Malone, K. Wirth, K. Barrera M. Klein, C. Turner, A. Sanni

altTeam Training of Inter-Professional Students Using Simulation
John T. Paige MD, Deborah D. Garbee PhD, APRN, ACNS-BC, Vadym Rusnak MD, Qingzhao Yu PhD, Richard DiCarlo MD, Alan Marr MD

altPatient handoff simulation: Does formal training build skills and confidence in transitions of patient care?
Daniel Relles, Renee Tholey, Christine Feldmeier, Richard Burkhart, Stacey Milan

altRandomized prospective evaluation of surgical trainees in ‘warm up’ simulations of laparoscopic ventral hernia repair
Richardson, C MD, St. Hill, C MD, MSc, Baynosa, J MD, Bregg, J MD, Cassinelli, S, Chino, J, Tsuda, S MD

altGrit: A Marker of Attrition
Arghavan Salles, Geoffrey L. Cohen, & Claudia Mueller

altA Mentorship-Based Preclinical Elective Increases Exposure, Confidence and Interest in Surgery
Patrick M. Mulvaney, BA, Suma Sangisetty, MD, Brian C. Drolet, MD, Beth A. Ryder, MD, FACS, William G. Cioffi, MD, FACS

altThe Learning Plateau and the Learning Rate for the VBLaST PT© compared to the FLS simulator 
Ganesh Sankaranarayanan PhD

altA Framework for Professionalism in Surgery: What is Important to Medical Students?
Maura Sullivan, PhD, Janet Trial, EdD, Craig Baker, MD, Kenji Inaba, MD, Josette Etcheverry, MSN, Mary Nally FNP, Peter Crookes, MD

altVirtual Reality Simulators: Valuable Surgical Skills Trainers or Video Games?
Ross E. Willis, PhD, Srinivas J. Ivatury, MD, Pedro Pablo Gomez, MD, Hari S. Mitra, BS, Kent R. Van Sickle, MD

altMedical Students as General Surgery Resident Teachers 
K. Wirth, B. Malone, K. Barrera, M. Klein, C. Turner, A. Sanni

altIs There Selection Bias among Senior Medical Students Who Choose to Participate in a Surgery Internship Preparation Course? 
Emily W. Zantow, BSE, Dorothy A. Andriole, MD, Donna B. Jeffe, PhD, Julie Woodhouse, RN, L. Michael Brunt, MD