Surgery Interest Groups

SURGERY INTEREST GROUPS are organizations, generally based at medical schools, which are primarily established to offer students exposure to the broad field of surgery. As a general rule, these groups will be focused on first and second year students prior to their years of more intense clinical work, although some groups will involve third and fourth year students or residents.

So why have an Interest Group at all? From the student’s standpoint, there are several potential advantages to be gained, including an opportunity to explore onhealthy lasix career issues, obtain a greater exposure to the breadth and extent of surgical fields, identify research opportunities, develop mentoring relationships, and obtain information regarding clerkship experiences and residency programs.

From a faculty standpoint, Surgery Interest Groups allow for exposure to, and interaction with, the students earlier in their medical school careers, which can provide opportunities to convey the positive and exciting aspects of a surgical career, and may ultimately result in increased recruitment of students into surgical residencies.