Annual Meeting

Surgical Education Week 2019!

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April 23 – 27, 2019
Fairmont Chicago – Chicago, Illinois

Association of Program Directors in Surgery Annual Meeting
Tuesday – Thursday
April 23 – 25, 2019

Association for Surgical Education Annual Meeting
Thursday – Saturday
April 25 – 27, 2019

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Guide to ASE Workshops

Topic Abbreviations:

ASE Committee Abbreviations:

A             Assessment

CD           Curriculum Development

FD           Faculty Development

TM          Teaching Method

A             Assessment and Evaluation

C              Curriculum Development

CD           Clerkship Directors

FD           Faculty Development

ER            Education Research

ET            Education Technology

GSE         Graduate Surgical Education

S              Simulation

Medical Student Mistreatment: Coping Strategies and Resilience on the Surgery Clerkship
Topic Description Coming Soon!2 hrsImperial
'I Definitely, Maybe Want to go Into Surgery' The Nuances of Advising Medical Students
FDCDWe will spend the first 20 minutes providing an overview of the many resources available to faculty who are advising students.  The remainder of the time will be spent in small groups working through common student scenarios and determining how best to advise the student.  Attendees will leave with a list of references and resources for answering common questions from students.2 hrsCrystal
Completing an Effective Review of a Journal Submission
ACThis workshop will provide participants with the ability to apply the Glassick Criteria for the assessment of scholarship in undertaking a thorough review of a submission to a peer-reviewed journal. While this is a generalizable skill, participants will be well placed to review surgical journals such as the American Journal of Surgery and the Journal of Surgical Education, as well as other medically oriented publications such as MedEdPORTAL, The workshop will begin with a brief didactic on the Glassick Criteria; however the majority of the two hours will be spent completing and critiquing reviews of a simplified sample submission.2 hrsRegent
The Who, Why, and How of Video-Based Education on a Shoe String Budget
Topic Description Coming Soon!2 hrsInternational Ballroom
Protecting the Quality of our Assessments: Understanding Validity and Reliability in Surgery
AHow can we be sure assessments are giving us good information about our learners? Here, we explore the current standard theory of validity. This interactive workshop will be given by a multi-institutional collaborative including internationally renowned experts in the field of medical education and psychometrics.2 hrsAmbassador
Making Residents' Average Performance Excellent: Learn How to Optimize Trainees' Performance Through Mental Skills Training
TMER, SThis workshop will focus on identifying the potential cognitive barriers to residents’ surgical performance, and providing surgical faculty with effective strategies to educate residents on how to optimize their performance during challenging clinical situations.2 hrsEmbassy
How to Learn from Feedback: Moving the Focus from Giving Feedback to Receiving Feedback
AWe know that feedback is a fundamental part of surgical training and much attention has been focused on the delivery of feedback.  However, if the learner is not willing to absorb the feedback, no growth or development will occur.  This workshop will focus solely on the individuals’ response to feedback and will highlight techniques to improve feedback responsiveness.2 hrsRouge
Technology for Training and Assessment in Residency: How to Leverage Apps and Other Software
AAWeb-based, electronic tools for resident education and evaluation are rapidly evolving to address millennial learners and competency based evaluation. This interactive workshop will discuss specific resources currently available, including the advantages and limitations of these resources.1 hrRegal
You are Taking Care of Your Patients, Students, and Residents. Who is Missing? Creating a Surgeon Well-Being Program
FDFDPhysician burnout among those in practice and those in training has drawn national attention.  Program accreditation bodies and government agencies have used their leverage to urge training programs to implement systems to prevent and mitigate burnout in trainees.  However implementation of prevention/mitigation systems for practicing physicians has been slow despite the significant efforts of surgical professional societies like the American College of Surgeons to create/disseminate materials to educate surgeons. Surgeons are at higher risk than the general population for burnout and its serious personal consequences, and evidence suggests burnout in a physician can have significant impact on patient outcomes.
This session is designed to educate participants about the resources available and steps that can be taken to create a surgeon well-being program at their institution. A brief didactic presentation will define burnout, discuss possible causes, present statistics regarding its prevalence in surgeons and discuss how symptoms may present in a colleague or trainee.  The “second victim” phenomenon after devastating medical/surgical error will also be discussed. Participants will strategize, based on their institutional and departmental experiences and resources, how to prevent and mitigate physician burnout, focusing on building resilience, and will discuss approaches, including environmental and institutional change, to prevent surgeon burnout and promote wellness.At the completion of the workshop, participants will be able to:
1) Describe the causes and symptoms of burnout in surgeons
2) Describe the consequences of surgeon burnout
3) Create a programming proposal to build resilience in surgeons in their local institutions
4) Describe possible environmental and institutional change at home that would  prevent/mitigate burnout, and steps to initiate such change
1 hrRoyal
Launching a Resident as a Teacher Program in a Surgical Residency
FDThe workshop highlights the importance of a resident-as-teacher program in general surgery training. It will equip participants with ideas and resources to develop or adapt a resident-as-teacher program to meet the needs of their own institution.1 hrRegal
Well-Being Assessment in Surgical Training Programs
AGSEThis is a joint workshop by the Graduate Surgical Education and Faculty Development Committees. The focus of the GSE is to discuss well-being assessment in surgical training programs. We will review limited examples of assessment tools as well as discuss ways to approach application and implementation of the results at the individual, program and institutional levels.1 hrRoyal


ASE Pre-Meeting Courses – Wednesday, April 24th

Hosted by Graduate Surgical EducationHosted by Surgical Education Research GroupHosted by Clerkship Directors
Providing Effective Verbal Feedback to Trainees – Knowledge, Skills, and ApplicationsQualitative Methods and Writing Qualitative Work for PublicationTroubleshooting your Clerkship
8:00 AM – 11:00 AM

Location: Fairmont Ambassador

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Location: Radisson Blu Adriatic/Aegean

8:00 AM – 5:00 PM

Location: Radisson Blu Pacific 1 & 2

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**Pre-Meeting courses require a separate registration than the ASE Annual Meeting


ASE Keynote Speakers 


J. Roland Folse Lecture

Thursday, April 25th at 1:45 PM – 2:45 PM

Dr. Ajit Sachdeva, MD, FACS, FRCSC, FSACME speaking on “Surgical Education: From Novelty to Necessity”

Royce Laycock Lecture

Friday, April 26th at 3:30 PM – 4:30 PM

Dr. Alan Schwartz, PhD speaking on “Medical and Surgical Education: What’s Next”


ASE Committee Schedule at SEW


CommitteeDate & TimeRoom
Education TechnologyWednesday, April 24
4:00-5:00 PM
SimulationWednesday, April 24
5:00-6:00 PM
Faculty DevelopmentWednesday, April 24
5:00-6:00 PM
Graduate Surgical EducationThursday, April 25
7:00-8:00 AM
Surgical Education Research GroupThursday, April 25
7:00-8:30 AM
Citizenship and Social ResponsibilityThursday, April 25
7:00-8:00 AM
Clerkship DirectorsThursday, April 25
8:00-9:00 AM
Assessment, Curriculum, and EvaluationThursday, April 25
8:00-9:30 AM

The above committees are open to all ASE members in good standing. Click here to RSVP.

ASE Social Event – Private Boat Tour

Thursday, April 25, 2019
8:00pm – 10:00pm
Celebrate with your colleagues on your very own private cruise. Enjoy the exclusive open-air venue as it cruises through the heart of the city on the Chicago River. This event will include dinner and a full bar. To partake in the social event RSVP by purchasing the social event ticket when registering for the annual meeting!
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2019 Call For Abstracts

Notifications of proposal acceptance will be sent in mid January 2019.

Notifications of proposal acceptance will be sent in late January 2019.

Notifications of proposal acceptance will be sent in late January 2019.


As a way of showing our support for our troops, we would like to invite all ACTIVE military ASE members to attend the upcoming meeting and will waive their registration fee for the ASE portion of the meeting.

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