Outstanding Resident Teacher Award


The Outstanding Resident Teacher Award will be given annually to up to three residents who have completed at least two years of clinical training and are considered by their faculty and peers (residents/students) to be outstanding resident teachers.


  • Passion and enthusiasm for teaching learners of all interests and skill levels
  • Commitment to maintaining a positive, productive learning environment
  • Ability to provide effective feedback to learners
  • Role modeling of professional characteristics

Please note: Residents may be nominated for Outstanding Resident Teacher Award OR the Linnea Hauge, PhD, Promising Educational Scholar Award. A resident may not be nominated for both awards in the same year.

Supporting materials

Prior to proceeding with this nomination, the nominator will need the following information:

  • Nominee’s CV
  • A teaching statement from the nominee about their passion, enthusiasm, and commitment to teaching
  • Letter of recommendation from a learner
  • Documentation of teaching competency in the form of an aggregate evaluation report (from MedHub, New Innovations, etc) from learners over the past year.

Short essays

Please be prepared to complete the following short essays regarding the nominee:

  • Why do you think the nominee deserves this award? 
  • How has the nominee demonstrated passion and enthusiasm for teaching?
  • How has the nominee demonstrated a commitment to maintaining a positive, productive learning environment?
  • How has the nominee demonstrated being able to provide effective feedback to learners?
  • Please give an example of the nominee role modeling professionalism.

Additional information

Please be prepared to provide the following information:

  • A list of any education or teaching awards the nominee has received.
  • A list of the nominee’s education-related activities (e.g., lectures, programs, presentations, curricula, innovations for teaching or assessment, education-related research).

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