Outstanding Resident Teacher Award

The Outstanding Resident Teacher Award will be given annually to three residents who have completed at least two years of clinical training and who are considered by their faculty, and peers (residents/students) to be outstanding resident teachers. Nominees for this award must possess the qualities of an outstanding teacher which include:

  • Enthusiasm for teaching learners of all interests and skill levels
  • Commitment to maintaining a productive learning environment
  • Provide feedback and effective evaluation
  • Role modeling of professional characteristics


Required Documents:

Documentation of teaching excellence must be provided, which may include but is not limited to:

  1. Statement of Educational Philosophy (2-3 paragraphs written by applicant). Please provide examples of how this philosophy fulfills the award criteria.
  2. CV: including education; teaching awards; documentation of education-related activities e.g. lectures, programs, innovations for teaching or assessment; education related research.
  3. Personal statement indicating commitment to education and teaching.
  4. Letter of nomination by an ASE member, co-signed by the Department Chair, Program Director, or Clerkship Director.
  5. Teaching evaluation reports.


Nomination Process:

Nominations will be made by a member of the ASE with the support of the Department Chair, Program Director, or Clerkship Director.  The nomination letter should provide specific examples of how the resident has displayed the qualities recognized by the award.

Please note: Residents may be nominated for Outstanding Resident Teacher Award OR the Linnea Hauge, PhD Promising Educational Scholar Award. A resident may not be nominated for both awards in the same year.

Click HERE to apply for the ASE Outstanding Resident Teacher Award