ASE Education Awards Overview

ASE Education Awards

The ASE Education Awards have been established by the Association for Surgical Education to recognize the dedication of surgical educators. The awards are funded by the Association for Surgical Education Foundation Past President’s Fund. They are means to highlight and encourage outstanding teachers and surgical educators. Additionally, the awards will provide documentation of teaching excellence to support promotion and tenure decisions and will further emphasize teaching as an important area of academic expertise.



  • Member of Association for Surgical Education
  • Please see each award application for specific eligibility criteria


  • Eligible individuals may nominate themselves.  Please see individual award for needed supporting documents.
  • Candidates will be nominated for either Outstanding Teacher or Distinguished Educator (not both)
  • The Teaching Portfolio is the same for both awards, however, nominees for Distinguished Educator should
    have considerably more national prominence as an educator, including scholarship and publications.
  • If the teaching portfolio is not included, the nomination will not be accepted.
  • Please indicate on the portfolio form whether this is a nomination for outstanding teacher or distinguished educator.

Awards Committee Award Process
Nabil Issa, MD, Chair June: Request for Nominations sent by ASE President
Robert Acton, MD Sept 15: Deadline for receipt of nominations
Roy Phitayakorn, MD Dec 31: Winners chosen and notified
Amalia Cochran, MD April: Annual meeting. Winners announced – awards given
Kyla Terhune, MD